We design our steel and aluminium constructions using state of the art tools, such as Bocad and RFEM. Static strength calculations are adapted to punctual loads of snow and wind – regardless of which part of the globe a hall is to be located in.


    We are open to your needs. Our product is designed to fit our clients’ concepts, not the other way around.


    The production process is based on the cutting-edge steel-, aluminium- and PVC-processing technologies. That’s the key factor for why our products are in no way worse compared to the ones offered by our western competitors.

  • Assembly

    We have at our disposal excellently trained and equipped internal assembly teams. This quality ensures we are in control up until the final phase of the product delivery, and that the assembly process has been carried out in strict accordance with the specs.

Our goal is to overcome our investor’s challenges for him. We cultivate cooperation with Polish and German engineers, established as specialists in their fields. Everything we build is designed in accordance with established EN regulations. Our main offer consists of tent halls, steel constructions and industrial floors.

You value professionalism and expertise? Men who dedicated their entire lives to a passion of building is what constitutes THORSPAN. Experience gathered around the world allows us to eliminate the faulty and obsolete solutions, while focusing on innovation and fine-tuning. Heavy does not mean strong, complicated does not equal good.Nothing happens by accident in Thorspan. Investment projects we carry out are meticulously planned and organized, the entire production and assembly process – supervised with attention to the slightest detail. If you’re looking for quality on a whole new level, you’re in the right place.

Tent halls

The global economy has never been where it is today. In the era of lightning-fast information exchange, with the entire world at a phone call’s reach, only the most mobile and flexible may succeed. Let us introduce you to our business solutions, designed to make your company always one step ahead of the competition. We offer tent halls made in ThorSteel and ThorFlex technologies, of custom width and height, according to individual needs.


  • superquick assembly – up to 1000 m2 during 8 hours
  • innovative aluminium structure enables craneless installation
  • removable sheathing: PVC, trapezoidal sheets, ABS panels, glass façades, sandwich panels
  • compact packaging to facilitate transport
  • modules to allow easily changing tent hall dimensions
  • innovative corrosion protected steel frame
  • extreme snow loads – even up to 700 kg/m2
  • remarkable rigidity eliminates the noise produced by the structure
  • bidirectional tension of roof membranes
  • unlimited span and height of facilities
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Steel structures

Modular steel constructions have such a wide range of applications that they perform well as industrial facilities – for production and storage purposes, as well as the representative ones – office-, sport-related and others.

We offer halls made in ThorSteel technology, of custom width and height, according to individual needs.


  • flexible facility configuration (designed with a ”made to measure” 3D technology)
  • extreme snow loads – even up to 700 kg/m2
  • excellent insulation properties
  • skylights and smoke vents can be installed
  • advanced joint connections.
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Rental services

ThorspanRental_logo250px is a business division engaged in tent hall rental services for industry as a whole as well as the HoReCa sector. We offer halls of dimensions and technological solutions rarely found on the Polish market. If you’d like your event to be exceptional compared to all the others, contact us.

Other services

We also offer PVC manufacturing, steel processing, assembly services and custom design services. We undertake a steady production of various types of intermediate products for a number of companies based in Poland and Europe. Contact us and realize how much we can help you increase your production volume.



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